I help growth-minded adventurers to build
a business in 30-minutes a day,
by sharing natural products they love.


Alphay can align the lifestyle you want with the prosperity you deserve. This short assessment will help us see if we’d be a good fit working together, plus it will help you find 30 free minutes a day no matter how busy your life is.


Hi! I’m Inga.

I hold an open and holistic view for my health, my resources, and my work-life mix. I partner with people like me, who are ready to join a company whose business is longevity and health, through cultivating balance and sustainability in our lives. I’ve found a win-win way to generate abundance while helping people and the world become healthier, more sustainable, and more prosperous.

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I will show you how to start an income project that:

  • You can build upon and benefit from years to come.
  • Diversifies your income sources.
  • Nurtures you AND your customers from inside out.

I offer:

  • Clear, action-oriented roadmap.
  • Progressing one. simple. step. at. a. time.
  • Celebrating lots of little wins along the way so you understand what’s working, and why.

Why Alphay

ALPHAY provides high-quality, highly tested, and highly effective medicinal mushroom formulas for longevity, natural energy and overall life enhancement.

These natural medicines are packed in easy-to-ingest formulas and packets, so that they can be a seamless part of any daily health routine. From coffee infused with adaptogenic mushrooms to complex formulations based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Alphy provides a comprehensive solution to address the many places our bodies and minds need support throughout any given day.

Whether you’ve never heard of medicinal mushrooms before or are very familiar with their deep healing benefits, this is the place to experience their tremendous power for yourself. As a product offering, Alphay can influence your health and wellness. As a business platform, it can impact your overall prosperity, breath of social connections, and happiness.

Why Alphay & Me

Because I love this product, love this business, and am living the hundred ways it’s changed my life for the better. I can show you how to connect a holistic, sustainable viewpoint to everything you do, so that you can’t help but experience the heart of it. Every step of the way.



  • I met Inga only one month into my Alphay journey. I was at my first live event with my shy husband and brand new baby. She was a ray of beaming light for a timid entrepreneur who had a hunch she was on to something, but no idea how she would succeed. Inga gave me the strength and validation I needed to ignite a journey into feminine power and business savvy. Last month, 2.5 years later, we celebrated each other and our businesses with our husbands in Cancun. Her steadfast commitment to truth and humanity shines brighter everyday. Inga still remains one of the greatest sources of light I have in this profession. She is a gift to our company and our industry.

    Amanda Kingsley
  • Joining Alphay was not even a question when the opportunity was presented to me.  Why?  I’m not interested in a retirement plan … I want to love what I do so much that I never stop doing it.  An opportunity to stop trading time for money?  Yes.  Working from home with an uncapped earning potential?  Yes.  Sharing plant medicine?  Yes.  Haven my own business but never working it “alone”?  Yes!  These are a few reasons why I said YES to Alphay. 

    Lisa Stahlbaum
  • I have to share... for those candidates who say they don't have time or energy, or are too busy for another business, or venture, I would say this... (for me) NOTHING in my 11 years of professional recruitment, be it trainings, webinars etc. has prepared me and pushed me into the NEXT LEVEL of success and professionalism like my short experience with Alphay. From knowing my WHY to applying my skills in a DIRECT manner and everything we learn in between, I am more in sync with each day. The BUSIER I get; the more focused I become allowing for more TIME. The BETTER I get, the more ENERGY I have. I'm thinking this is the natural bi-product of success and a purpose-driven life. And most likely this is not a new concept. Definitively though, a mind blowing experience.

    Dayle A.
  • Working with Inga on Alphay has been a real treat.  Inga is full of energy, proactivity and creativity -  always ready to encourage, inspire and support.   In my experience she readily engages in the co-creative process including getting a feel for the individual’s personality, interests and strengths, and how to work with the individual to weave what is the best style and way/direction to build this unique person’s business, while incorporating the provided platform of product and process from Alphay.  Inga has many talents in her ability to efficiently and effectively pull together practical resources and beautiful marketing material. And in her inherent generosity and bigger vision for creating a successful team that truly benefits everyone - she has created invaluable support materials that she has made available to be utilized by everyone on the team, simplifying and clarifying the step by step process for building our new businesses with Alphay.  I have found her heartfelt desire to really manifest love and a culture of transformation and success, not only for herself but for anyone else that wants that, to be a gift of her leadership that keeps giving.  Inga truly has a desire and vision of what is possible here, and a perseverance to make that happen.


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