Why Alphay


There are two reasons to choose Alphay:
health and business.

Alphay for Health

Did you know you needed a smartphone before you had it?

Right … that’s how I feel about my medicinal mushroom formulas based on Chinese medicine. I had no idea how good I can feel.

And it’s not just me. These products are beginning to be seen in doctor’s offices, acupuncturists’ waiting rooms, and chiropractors’ must-haves for their own patients.

Imagine a product that helps you to feel calmer, happier, more energized and vibrant, and a business that lets you be more connected than ever before.

Aging is inevitable.  Aging POORLY is optional.

Medicinal mushrooms are a gift from the Earth. They have completely changed the fabric and wellbeing of my family.

You can read more about my personal experience here.

Alphay for Business

“I have more money and resources than I know what to do with,” … said no one person ever.

Most people already have a job or a business.  Both time and money are tight.  Risk tolerance is low.  Starting anything new may seem far-fetched.

Yet, there is this deep inner craving for more freedom, flexibility, choices, and ease in life.

This is why building a business in community is a good way to build an entrance ramp to your desired lifestyle.

We offer exactly this kind of community support with our network marketing partner — Alphay. We provide trainings, structure, and coaching to help you get started and grow wealth for your future.

What is network marketing? It’s a distribution model where a company manufactures a product and pays the consumer to spread the word.


Because we want to creating a life in which men and women can be incredibly present to their purpose. And one way to do this is to reduce financial stress.

When you free up the bandwidth previously reserved for worrying about money, you can channel that extra time, energy and creativity into people and projects that are dear to your heart.

If you want to….

  • Make money while promoting a solution that’s good for people and the planet
  • Become part of the healthy living movement
  • Learn communication, relationship and leadership skills…

… then you’re in the right place!
Learn more about how to create a business around community, service and shared success here.



  • I met Inga only one month into my Alphay journey. I was at my first live event with my shy husband and brand new baby. She was a ray of beaming light for a timid entrepreneur who had a hunch she was on to something, but no idea how she would succeed. Inga gave me the strength and validation I needed to ignite a journey into feminine power and business savvy. Last month, 2.5 years later, we celebrated each other and our businesses with our husbands in Cancun. Her steadfast commitment to truth and humanity shines brighter everyday. Inga still remains one of the greatest sources of light I have in this profession. She is a gift to our company and our industry.

    Amanda Kingsley