There are so many different kinds of personality tests out there, but do you want to try one that is both simple and fun?

It will provide valuable insight into your personality. Just take a moment to read the short descriptions below that pertain to four types of “fish”. Then ask yourself, “Which Fish Am I?” and answer four simple questions. The four types of “fish” are as follows: 

The Whale 

The whale is a pillar of support and strength to others. Whales derive their sense of worth from their dedication to helping those around them and making a difference in the lives of others. The whale is constantly striving to help the greater good of our society through their unselfish acts.


The Dolphin 

The Dolphin is the embodiment of carefree energy. Through their eagerness and passion, they seek pleasure, freedom and appreciation. Dolphins are fun, lively and focused on increasing happiness in their lives.


The Urchin 

Urchins place a high degree of importance on intelligence. They approach life from an analytical standpoint and are constantly seeking information, data and key details that will help them in their quest to find the correct solution to a question or problem. Their quest for the truth and desire to be right as opposed to popular set Urchins apart from other sea life. 


The Shark 

Personal accomplishments and achievements are of immense importance to Sharks. Driven by a desire for prestige, power and wealth, Sharks are always ready to engage in competition, and they are able to teach the skill of pursuit to others.


Fish Food for Thought and Some Important Questions  

While we certainly possess traits of each of these four “fish”, there is one that is typically more dominant in each of us.

  • Do you see a dominant “fish” in yourself?
  • If so, how did this dominant side come to life?
  • Would you like to incorporate more of the traits from the other three “fish” into your personality?
  • If so, why do you wish to do so? 

As with any other personality test I have ever taken, I tend to be an equal combination of all four.  In my heart, however, I identify most with the Dolphin.  And over the years I’ve learned that the balance of all four fish in our work and careers tends to bring the most fulfillment and inner happiness.

My passion is to help people create a rich sea life — a work-life mix that includes the opportunity to serve, to have fun, to support purity and quality and to achieve financial success.  In other words, to draw from the best qualities of all for types of fish.  I invite you to connect deeper and discover if we could be a good partnership fit.

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