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Why Alphay For Professionals

I craved a major change in my work-life mix and found a solution.

After spending 15 years in the tech industry and 5 years as a solo business owner, I was looking for a more sustainable and collaborative path in this new economy.

Alphay offered everything I envisioned for health and balance, income and impact.  And HOW I wanted my day to look and feel like.

This WEBINAR is specifically for career professionals.  We work as a team, so you’ll get to hear from people with varied backgrounds.

Join us for a 30-minute Virtual Coffee Break

on WEDNESDAYS at 11:00 Mountain Time

(10:00 Pacific, 12:00 Central, 1:00 Eastern)

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Why Alphay For Moms

Has your success in the workplace come with a price?

Mine did. That’s why I was open to creating a more balanced work-life mix.

This WEBINAR is specifically for moms, given by moms.

Working with Alphay was a fresh career choice that blended into my family so perfectly that most days there are no division lines, only an ever-flowing mission to help others find a better balance as well.

Most people start with us very part time: a side project, an additional stream of income, a passion for the natural products, or our particular team culture and spirit. I

Join us for a 30-minute Virtual Coffee Break to learn more.

on THURSDAYS, at 11:00 Mountain Time

(10:00 Pacific, 12:00 Central, 1:00 Eastern)

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  • I met Inga only one month into my Alphay journey. I was at my first live event with my shy husband and brand new baby. She was a ray of beaming light for a timid entrepreneur who had a hunch she was on to something, but no idea how she would succeed. Inga gave me the strength and validation I needed to ignite a journey into feminine power and business savvy. Last month, 2.5 years later, we celebrated each other and our businesses with our husbands in Cancun. Her steadfast commitment to truth and humanity shines brighter everyday. Inga still remains one of the greatest sources of light I have in this profession. She is a gift to our company and our industry.

    Amanda Kingsley