How it Works

We are in the “invitation business.”

Here’s a snapshot of how we work. What we actually DO. How this kind of connection-based marketing can empower your life, as it has mine.

My daily activities include connecting, sharing information about our products and our team culture, coaching new teammates and social media marketing.


Step 1

I connect with people like you and invite them to benefit from medicinal mushrooms. I also invite them to consider joining our team. 

I reach out to people who I feel are already aligned with our values, which include: holistic wellness, plant-based nutrition, alternative healing, natural health, balanced lifestyle, living in harmony with nature, green living, ecologically sound business practices, collaboration, building a community, team-based work, multiple sources of income, building at least one residual income source, loving multiple passion projects, craving more time freedom, or desiring an alternative work-life mix.

Step 2

I help you decide if there’s value for you.

Would Alphay offer:

  1. A benefit to your health and vitality?
  2. A benefit to you as an income project?

As a group, we do mostly everything online, via informational videos, websites, and online webinars.


Step 3

If your answer is YES, our whole team will support you in spreading the word and attracting a few customers and business builders to come on board.  And it duplicates from there. Our ecosystem of support is essentially a free business school in visioning, teaching, building a personal brand, marketing, public speaking, networking, leadership and tribe building.

How I Support You:

  • Tools and materials for you to share with your network (videos, presentations, testimonials).  No need to build from scratch.
  • Training and mentorship
  • Community of support and celebration.

How Alphay Supports You:

  • Highly developed and researched product line (60 years of experience).
  • All infrastructure for product ordering (e-commerce sites), shipping and handling, membership growth, customer service center, overall branding and marketing.

What we DO together as a community (our “job” description)

  • We use our wellness products — i.e. we are Alphay’s customers ourselves.
  • We craft invitations (for events and talks)
  • We share information

What Do You Bring?

You bring your personality and creativity, your thrive, and a network of people who would align with our values, so that we can grow a thriving ecosystem of support for both for health and business.

That’s it. Ready to get started?

Please request a follow up here.


  • I met Inga only one month into my Alphay journey. I was at my first live event with my shy husband and brand new baby. She was a ray of beaming light for a timid entrepreneur who had a hunch she was on to something, but no idea how she would succeed. Inga gave me the strength and validation I needed to ignite a journey into feminine power and business savvy. Last month, 2.5 years later, we celebrated each other and our businesses with our husbands in Cancun. Her steadfast commitment to truth and humanity shines brighter everyday. Inga still remains one of the greatest sources of light I have in this profession. She is a gift to our company and our industry.

    Amanda Kingsley