About Me

Inga Peterson Biking Boulder CO

My name is Inga Peterson. I look forward to not only building a relationship, but serving you if the opportunity presents itself.

I used to spend 5-7 days a week in an office, missing my children‘s lives, and racing around like any successful Product Management professional. Doesn’t sound like a sustainable strategy for success, does it? Even though I was making good money, it required me to show up in a way that was out of alignment with how I wanted to be in the world. But for the longest time I stuck to my corporate path because of the practical outlook I inherited from my hard-working Estonian upbringing, and the relative safety of a corporate income.

All was good until I grew … well …. “older”, and acutely sensed the value of a more holistic way of living.

Three core themes of Wellness, Balance and Freedom started to take root in my vocabulary through books, TED talks, and workshops. I started to think a lot about the urgency we place on the sustainability of our natural resources. But how about the sustainability of us? The gap between my inner and outer reality started to look more like a Grand Canyon. I walked away.


I then ran a “solo” business…

It was successful from the outside looking in, but what I discovered is that most of my work wasn’t even about serving clients, but about space lease, insurance, accounting, and a bunch of other administration. So, once again I was open and willing to explore what else is out there. I sensed that there must be a better way — entrepreneurial work that requires much less infrastructure. How about just a laptop, my brain and a group of creative rebels to collaborate with?

Everything on my wish list came to me through Alphay. What I’ve discovered has been surprising and life-changing.

I am one of the founding members of Alphay in the U.S. — we help people get to remarkable energy levels, deep sleep, and a calm mind through the power of medicinal mushrooms. Cultivating Body-Mind-Spirit connection is central to our culture. This resonates deeply with the core themes of Wellness and Balance in my life.  I love to write about this and feature many personal health stories on my Blog.

The second important aspect of this business is creating free time and mutual support through collaboration. Network marketing has a holistic way of doing business and how to create an eco-system of support for everyone involved. (See How it Works for more on the nuts-and-bolts of this business)

Today, I have time for a business with remarkable impact on people’s lives and continue expanding my life-long journey in the arts. My kids are in their teens and I can always put my family in priority. I am in a good relationship and also nourish my self. I feel in complete alignment with my values.

And I share this with you to let you know that such work-life integration is very possible.

If you’d like to explore a natural approach to wellness OR look into partnering with me, please request a follow-up.



  • I met Inga only one month into my Alphay journey. I was at my first live event with my shy husband and brand new baby. She was a ray of beaming light for a timid entrepreneur who had a hunch she was on to something, but no idea how she would succeed. Inga gave me the strength and validation I needed to ignite a journey into feminine power and business savvy. Last month, 2.5 years later, we celebrated each other and our businesses with our husbands in Cancun. Her steadfast commitment to truth and humanity shines brighter everyday. Inga still remains one of the greatest sources of light I have in this profession. She is a gift to our company and our industry.

    Amanda Kingsley